Short Prayer for the Day: The Lord’s Prayer is a String of Prayers for Strength

One of the puzzling things about the Lord’s Prayer is that it is rarely understood, by those who use it.  Jesus gave it to his disciples as a short prayer for the day that would teach them about the what is involved with talking to God.  It doesn’t seem from the context that he assumed […]

Wisdom for Taming Spring Loaded Anger: Anger Management Techniques Video

Today I posted a lengthy video at that illustrates how psychology can be useful as wisdom about one’s self.  We are all made in God’s image as male and female.  This means, among other things, that we are creatures like no other.  But one of the essential aspects of being human is self-regulation.  Anger […]

Anger Management Techniques and the Grieving Process

Grief in one of those strange things in life that has tentacles reaching into many other areas of life.  In fact, after sudden, tragic loss the emotions can make a man or a woman feel like they drowning in sadness.  Grief feels very similar to depression, but it’s not depression.  It can make us angry […]

Bible Study Ideas: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

The purpose of this study is to think about and discuss what it means to seek God by digging deep into the Bible texts listed below. Two Bible Study Ideas: In looking at the different passages try to ask yourself if they all refer to the same thing (essentially) or different things. Also, see if […]

How to Improve Communication Skills Quickly: Four Simple Steps for Change

If someone were to ask me, “How can I grow quickly in my ability to communicate?” I would probably say that it’s more complicated than that.  Like other psychologists I would be likely point to the many factors that go into someone’s communication style.  For example, there is a somewhat predictable set of problems in […]

New Blog Focuses on Bible Study Topics and Online Bible Studies for Those Who Crave Intellectual Stimulation

I have installed a new blog that is in it’s beta phase.  The focus is to explore bible study topics via online bible studies that are often overlooked by the mainstream.  The goal is to have a blog that pays attention to detail when it is necessary to do so.  It takes time and thought […]

Christian Marriage Advice: Something Often Overlooked

There are some folks who can be quick to offer christian marriage advice.  As a group, we christians are nervous about how quickly and pervasively marriages are abandoned husbands or wives or both.  Our concern is justified.  But there is often a consideration that we overlook.  It is this:  God loves the individuals in the […]

Bible Study Ideas: Select Passages That Don’t Seem as Relevant

Imagine sitting down and trying to make a list of bible study ideas by asking the question, “What are all the topics and books of the bible that I am least interested in?” One of the main challenges in studying the bible is to open our hearts to truths that we are hardwired to overlook.  […]

Overcoming Depression through Prayer, Repentance, and Treatment

Christianity is about love, but it is also about truth.  Depression often forces a disciple of Jesus to face spiritual denial, avoidance of responsibilities, or simply the lack of wisdom in knowing how to live in the real world.  Overcoming depression in such circumstances is a painful process because the misery of the depression beckons […]