Christian Marriage Advice: Something Often Overlooked

There are some folks who can be quick to offer christian marriage advice.  As a group, we christians are nervous about how quickly and pervasively marriages are abandoned husbands or wives or both.  Our concern is justified.  But there is often a consideration that we overlook.  It is this:  God loves the individuals in the marriage more than he loves the institution of marriage.

When christian marriage advice is on the tip of our tongue we are wise to ask ourselves, “Does the advice I’m about to give spring from my concern to go on record that I am taking a stand, or does it come from a place inside me that genuinely cares for this person’s highest good?”  Asking this question can help us gain some much needed perspective, particularly when a marriage involves addiction or violence.

Christian marriage advice always needs to be informed by all of Jesus’ tense conversations with the Pharisees.  In these vigorous debates, Jesus reveals a perspective of God’s love for people that can trump even some of the institutions that God Himself established centuries previously.  From healing and “harvesting” on the Sabbath to welcoming those whose loyalties do not seem to be with God’s people, Jesus truly upset the applecart as revealed His new reign as king.

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