Overcoming Depression through Prayer, Repentance, and Treatment

Christianity is about love, but it is also about truth.  Depression often forces a disciple of Jesus to face spiritual denial, avoidance of responsibilities, or simply the lack of wisdom in knowing how to live in the real world.  Overcoming depression in such circumstances is a painful process because the misery of the depression beckons us to grow in some uncomfortable ways. Overcoming depression almost always involves our being weened from our false views of people, God, ourselves, and what we can realistically expect from life and love.

When the brain is in a depressed state God seems absent.  On the other hand, the darker powers of evil seem all too accessible.  This can make individual prayer nearly impossible because it so easily uncorks the wine of sadness and frustration.  Here are a few tips for overcoming depression if you are in such a dark tunnel.

  • Find a book of written prayers and read them out loud to God.  Depression impairs concentration and memory, so don’t play ball on depression’s home turf.  Written prayers give your prayers more substance, focus, and prevent you from drifting into the undertow of negativity.
  • Stop expecting to feel God’s comforting presence…for now.  It’s a time of declaring your trust in His promises even when He seems silent. Let God be God.  Accept the fact that God sees you even if you don’t see Him.
  • Listen to audio recordings of 2 Corinthians, Psalms, the Gospels and Romans.  Reading is often very difficult when you are depressed.  Besides, did you know that in biblical times people hardly ever read the bible:  they listened to it being read to them.  Focus on these areas of Scripture because you are probably needing an overhaul in your view of the meaning of Christian suffering in your life.  Overcoming depression without this piece of the puzzle is a bypass of one of the most amazing gems that can emerge out of the fire of suffering.
  • Get a mental health evaluation.  Overcoming depression is a spiritual matter, but it is also profoundly physical.  Most Christians are either in denial about the fact that the brain is a physical organ or they just don’t like thinking about it.

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