A Divine Mercy Prayer for the Day During Hard Times

window to heaven


Here is prayer I wrote as a poem during a time of grieving–a kind of divine mercy prayer for the day. I suppose it is fitting to post this on September 11th.

Unlikely Hatches


King Jesus,

You rule over the whole universe!


Open my eyes to gaze into your Kingdom:

The realm of your personal space;

Your intimate, perplexing, and expansive space.

Help me to find

The doorways to your Kingdom hidden

Inside the big and small moments of today.


I crave a grand entrance,

But I know that is not for now.

I yearn for a rescue

Uncomplicated, unqualified,

A freedom untainted,

An escape that is simple, true,

Final and without entropy.


So reach through

The portal of my suffering

To grasp me, to pull me inside

With your steady hand;

With your nail-scarred palm;

Your strong, healing fingers.


Pull me hard

Through this cold, steel hatch of sorrow

Into the holy space of your shame and pain.

Lock the hatch cleanly

Lest I lunge back

Into grim, faithless comfort.


Pull me inside with such force

That my resentments and complaints

Will be shattered,

Even as the shards coalesce

Into yet another…mosaic

Of your mysterious love.


Your grip dislocates me,

Makes me penetrate

The black hole of my anguish

And tumble out the other side

To a brighter space that hurts my eyes,

Even as it makes all things new.


So drench me in your resurrection joy

As I pass through the hopeless tunnel.

Let me sing with the breath of your Spirit,

Even as I cry out to you for help.


Let me feel the comfort of nearness,

The sweet warmth of your presence.

Infuse me, stun me

With that same voltage

That opened your fragile eyelids

After days of decomposing,

Of rotting in a grave.


Show me a glimpse of what colors

Your eternal eyes now see!

Let me smell, no, taste the spring air

That will surely transform

My dead body, my organs, my brain

Into wholeness:

An immortal wholeness just like yours.


And today–

Yes, this very day!–

Release your love inside me

To forgive those who have wronged me,

To repair each relationship

Within my reach;

To keep loving, trusting, praying

For those who are

Tempted to give up,

Despairing in their blindness

To the portals

Only inches away.


Copyright © 2013 by Gregory E. Hamlin

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