About Dr. Hamlin

Gregory E. Hamlin, Ph.D

Dr. Hamlin is a life coach and clinical psychologist licensed in the State of California (License # PSY16871).  Some of his specialties are (1) Marital Counseling;  (2) Freedom from painful memories:  EMDR therapy for  post traumatic stress syndrome;  (3)  Elimination of panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and stress symptoms; (4) Treatment for depression (with and without medication).

Dr. Hamlin provides phone and online counseling services for those who live further away from his private practice office in Santa Clarita. He also conducts online courses providing tools to maximize marital counseling, train life coaches, and the steps to eliminate panic attacks.

Dr. Hamlin has completed  formal training in EMDR therapy and has been using it effectively for years with those suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

Phone:  661 297-2326
Email:  [email protected]

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