New Blog Focuses on Bible Study Topics and Online Bible Studies for Those Who Crave Intellectual Stimulation

I have installed a new blog that is in it’s beta phase.  The focus is to explore bible study topics via online bible studies that are often overlooked by the mainstream.  The goal is to have a blog that pays attention to detail when it is necessary to do so.  It takes time and thought […]

Christian Marriage Advice: Something Often Overlooked

There are some folks who can be quick to offer christian marriage advice.  As a group, we christians are nervous about how quickly and pervasively marriages are abandoned husbands or wives or both.  Our concern is justified.  But there is often a consideration that we overlook.  It is this:  God loves the individuals in the […]

Bible Study Ideas: Select Passages That Don’t Seem as Relevant

Imagine sitting down and trying to make a list of bible study ideas by asking the question, “What are all the topics and books of the bible that I am least interested in?” One of the main challenges in studying the bible is to open our hearts to truths that we are hardwired to overlook.  […]

Overcoming Depression through Prayer, Repentance, and Treatment

Christianity is about love, but it is also about truth.  Depression often forces a disciple of Jesus to face spiritual denial, avoidance of responsibilities, or simply the lack of wisdom in knowing how to live in the real world.  Overcoming depression in such circumstances is a painful process because the misery of the depression beckons […]

Stages of Depression Can Mirror the Stages of Bereavement

The stages of depression and the stages of bereavement are sometimes very similar.  This is particularly true when the cause of the depression is a major loss to a man, woman, or child.  In fact, with such a reactive depression one could argue that the depression IS the mourning of a serious loss.  The stages […]

Managing Depression: Thank God for Technology

When we speak of managing depression it usually refers to a clinical depression that is has been around for a long time.  There are various kinds of depression that are either long term due to trauma or due to hereditary factors.  For example, bipolar depression comes and goes during a person’s life.  The “treatment” involves […]

Male Depression is Often Looks More Like Stressed-Out Rage Than Sadness

Male depression is much more frequent than most people realize.   Here are a few of my thoughts about why male depression is often overlooked.  First, men don’t stop and ask for directions.  Joking aside, men often can’t get their mind around using resources like therapy until they are deep inside the suicidal zone.  Second, depression […]

Loneliness and Depression: It Feels Like You Are From Another Planet

Christians who suffer from clinical depression often experience loneliness and depression together in tight fellowship.   Why is this?  One reason is that depression itself makes a person feel disconnected.  Big crowd loneliness and depression creates a feeling of not belonging.  People in the church are attracted to movers and the shakers.  When you are depressed […]

Living with Depression: Love is Impatient?

A wife living with a depressed husband is a woman living with depression.  It may not be hers, but she is living with it all the same.  Similarly, children living with a depressed mom are living with depression.  It’s true that a person contemplating suicide greatly minimizes the wreckage that will be created in the […]