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A Little Background

I have joined various social networks and I welcome you to follow along.  The ones where I post information are listed below.  I do ask that you read my social networking policy below before you join, so that you won’t be frustrated by not hearing back from me. I don’t keep up with the various message inboxes that go along with Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

I have stayed clear of Facebook and others for a long time simply because I knew I would not be able to keep up with everyone’s messages.  I do well just to stay current with my voicemail (always the fastest way to reach me) and my email.  If you decide to follow me on one or more of the social networks, please keep in mind that each network huddles around a particular website of mine.  To see if it is something that interests you, go to that site first to see if you are interested in the emphasis.  If you like it, then sign up for the mailing list if there is an opt-in box.  This will ensure that you get the latest information. For example, my main website is and it covers all sorts of topics, but always for a general audience in mind.  When I am writing to an audience of readers with Christian interest, I usually post things on (this site).  I view my email mailing lists as the primary way to communicate with groups of people.

My Social Media Policy for Clients, Former Clients, and Prospective Clients

I am asking each person to agree to not ever post sensitive or urgent information within a social network. This includes so-called “private” messages.

There are two reasons for this. One is that I just don’t check my messages on social networks, nor do I keep up with what people post. At this stage I am using my social networks to distribute my own content that I hope will be useful to others. So if you ever want to say something that is sensitive or urgent, please call me at my regular number: 661.297-2326. When I get busy, I still keep up with my voicemail, but everything else (including email) can be delayed.

The second reason is that I take confidentiality very seriously. Social networks are not secure forms of communication and certainly don’t meet federal HIPPA requirements. Consequently, I am changing my email address from gmail to a new email that allows for encrypted messages. My new email address is . If you ever wish to send me a truly confidential message by email, then you will need to open up a free email account and check the box that says “Encrypt” when you are composing the email. Also, address the email to my new email address.

Hope all this didn’t bore you too much. Just wanted to explain the reasons for the change.

A Partial List of My Social Networks is here.  I welcome you to join and respond to the posts with your opinion (just don’t consider it a personal message to me).


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