How to Pray a Blessing Upon Your Children

Here is a prayer to read out loud from your heart when you don’t know how to pray for your kids. It was written by Jeremy Taylor: Bless my children with healthy bodies, with good minds, with the graces and gifts of your Spirit, with sweet dispositions and holy habits, and sanctify them throughout their […]

Augustine’s Prayer of Thoughtful Wonder: “To Praise You is Our Souls’ Delight”

Augustine shows us how to pray when we feel God’s presence and when we don’t: O Lord in whom all things live, who commanded us to seek you, who are always ready to be found: to know you is life, to serve you is freedom, to praise you is our souls’ delight We bless you […]

Pre Marriage Counseling and How to Pray for Fewer Symptoms of Stress

Why Pre Marital Counseling? Couples will work for years to save for a house before they get married.  Couples will spend thousands of dollars and even more hours to have the “special” wedding of their dreams.  Knowing that couples in love are willing to put in the time and energy needed to build a life […]

How to Pray: That We May Cleave to Thee Without Parting

Anselm teaches us how to pray with the prayer that has been on the lips of Christians for many centuries: Grant, Lord God, that we may cleave to thee without parting, worship Thee without wearying, serve Thee without failing, faithfully seek Thee, happily find Thee, and forever possess Thee, the one only God, blessed for […]

One Minute Meditations to Repeat Throughout the Day

I’m working on an online program that Christians can participate in together.  My first title was: The 31 Day Challenge – 31 DAYS OF RESTORING JOY Another title was:  One Month of Intentional Receiving But there are now more than 31 affirmations, so I ‘m back to the drawing board on what title to give […]